Director: Yusuf Emre Yalçın
Producers: Ezgi Selin Ülkü, Cemre Yılmaz, Yusuf Emre Yalçın
Camera&Editing: Yusuf Emre Yalçın
Graphic Design: Ferhat Akbaba
Production Company: Paspas Film
Post-Production Company: Bando Post
Turkey, 2021

Anima observes the effects of different cultures and beliefs in the relationships between humans and animals by travelling different regions and events in Turkey. While remembering memories, dreams and bearing witness in the Anthropocene, Anima chases the subjects such as being sacred or sacrifice.


Director&Scriptwriter&Editor: Yusuf Emre Yalçın
Producer: Ezgi Selin Ülkü
Graphic Design: Ferhat Akbaba
30 minutes
Experimental Documentary
Turkey | 2018

Canadian visual artist Philippe Van Eetvelt goes to Turkey to produce an artwork for Sinop Biennial, Sinopale. While he was there, the 15th July Coup Attempt occurs and Sinopale is postponed until next year because of the chaotic situation of the country. One year later, he goes back to Sinop and he is confident about completing his installation. Yet he has concerns about his work as the exhibition opening approaches. As the production process proceeds, we witness how a pheripheric biennial functions and dive into a journey through an artist’s inner world.



4. Marmaris International Short Film Festival, Special Jury Award. 2018 (Turkey)


51. Siyad Turkish Cinema Awards, Short Documentary, Best Film Nominee

39. IFSAK Short Film And Documentary Competition, Documentary Category, Finalist. 2019


11. Documentarist İstanbul Documentary Days, Turkey Panorama, Official Selection. 2018 (Turkey)

2. Afsad Short Film Competition, Documentary Category, Finalist. 2018 (Turkey)

6. Antakya International Film Festival, Documentary Category, Finalist. 2018 (Turkey)

5. Uşak Winged Seahorse Film Festival, Official Selection, 2018. (Turkey)

4. Marmaris International Short Film Festival, Documentary Category, Finalist. 2018 (Turkey)

4. Aratos Documentary and Short Film Days, Tarsus, Screening. 2019 (Turkey)


Scriptwriter and Director – Yusuf Emre Yalçın
Cast – Ekim Mağden, Cihangir Top
Hybrid / 10′
2017 / Turkey

Film starts to write its own scenario while the director is asleep. At the time it tries to bond with the character it has created, the character acts beyond its commands. Is this external touch comes from the director or it is because of the essence of the character. Character, Film, Director… Each of them questions their existence as individual subjects.



15. International Tirana Film Festival 2017, Student Film Competition, Official Competition Selection (Albania)

10. Yıldız Short Film Festival 2017, Screening. (Turkey)

Blue Heeler Film Festival 2017, Screening. (Australia)

1. AFSAD Short Film Competition 2017, Fiction Competition. ( Turkey )

2. Trabzon Cinema Association, Short Film Screening Selection 2017. ( Turkey )

3. Marmaris Short Film Festival 2017, Screening. (Turkey)

2nd Berlin Experimental Film Festival 2017, Official Selection. (Germany)

Freedom Film Festival 2018, Official Selection. (U.S.A)

Holywood Serbia International Film Festival, Official Selection. 2019. ( Serbia )


Tarzan Kemal Story of a Citizen
Scriptwriter and Director – Yusuf Emre Yalçın
Documentary / 59’30”
Color and Black&White
2016 / Turkey

This is the story of a man who has dedicated his life to nature. A man who refused the system, who got rid of his clothes and money after his graduation of the college… He played his drum to make people aware of their own environment like Diogenes did with his lantern on the same land once. For some, he was insane while for some others he was a philosopher. The reason why he ended up with such a kind of life was a love story that is told. Is it so indeed?


Society For Applied Anthropology 2nd Annual Film Festival 2017, Screening. (U.S.A.)

Sustainable Life Film Festival 2016, Screening. (Turkey)

11. Boston Turkish Documentary and Short Film Festival 2016, Finalist and Screening. (U.S.A.)

Anatolia Tourism Documentary and Tourism Advertisement Films Competition, Documentary Category, Finalist. 2018 (Turkey)