Yusuf Emre Yalçın was born in Sinop, in 1985. During his undergraduate education, he worked on commercial films, music videos and television series as assistant director and post-production manager. He graduated from Film&Television master program at Istanbul Bilgi University. He is working in the management team of Sinopale, International Sinop Biennial since 2006. He initiated Sinopale Film Festival in 2016. He is producing independent films since 2015. In 2018, he won the special pre-jury award in Marmaris Short Film Festival and nominated as the best short documentary in 51. Siyad Awards with his film Barsyphere. His article “Wingless Lilith of Cinema: Sibel” won the first prize in Sekans Film Review and Film Analysis Competition in 2017. He is running a youtube documentary series which he travels to film festivals and share experiences. He established his production company Paspas Film in 2019. He lives in London.