Scriptwriter and Director – Yusuf Emre Yalçın

Cast – Ekim Mağden, Cihangir Top

Hybrid / 10′
2017 / Turkey

Synopsis: Film starts to write its own scenario while the director is asleep. At the time it tries to bond with the character it has created, the character acts beyond its commands. Is this external touch comes from the director or it is because of the essence of the character. Character, Film, Director… Each of them questions their existence as individual subjects.



15. International Tirana Film Festival 2017, Student Film Competition, Official Competition Selection (Albania)

10. Yıldız Short Film Festival 2017, Screening. (Turkey)

Blue Heeler Film Festival 2017, Screening. (Australia)

1. AFSAD Short Film Competition 2017, Fiction Competition. ( Turkey )

2. Trabzon Cinema Association, Short Film Screening Selection 2017. ( Turkey )

3. Marmaris Short Film Festival 2017, Screening. (Turkey)

2nd Berlin Experimental Film Festival 2017, Official Selection. (Germany)

Freedom Film Festival 2018, Official Selection. (U.S.A)

Holywood Serbia International Film Festival, Official Selection. 2019. ( Serbia )