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Anima (Mid-Length Documentary Project)
Director: Yusuf Emre Yalçın
Producers: Ezgi Selin Ülkü, Cemre Yılmaz
Production Company: Paspas Film
Turkey, 2021

Post-Production Stage

Anima observes the effects of different cultures and beliefs in the relationships between humans and animals by travelling different regions and events in Turkey. While remembering memories, dreams and bearing witness in the Anthropocene, Anima chases the subjects such as being sacred or sacrifice.

Journey starts by watching a camel wrestling and a camel beauty contest in the Aegean Region of Turkey. By this event, Anima witnesses the approach of a patriarchal society to animals and listens to the questioning of the director’s own identity who remembers his social adaptation and alienation to his community.

Then Anima moves to Konya where mostly conservative Muslim Turks live in the Central Anatolia Region. During the Festival of the Sacrifice, Anima follows the process of a sacrificing ceremony starting from live animal markets to the preach of an Imam. In the meantime, Anima listens to the director’s childhood memories of a sacrificed cow and his questioning gender and species roles through the relationship with his father and religion.

The journey continues in the Dersim Region where mostly Kurdish and Zazaki people live. There, Anima observes a different kind of belief which is based on Zoroastrianism. While exploring different locations in Dersim which are considered sacred by the locals, Anima also follows a cow’s, a goat’s, a Zarathustra’s and villagers’ lives.
From that point on, the lines between memories and dreams start to blur.